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Recession-proof automation for AS/400, i5/OS, and IBM i with Bytware Messenger saves you time and money.Recession-proof automation.

Troubling economic times and reduced staff don't have to impact the performance of your operations. MessengerPlus is available 24x7 and can handle any workload you throw at it—from watching for system problems to calling for help to assisting your reporting and compliance efforts.

Bytware Messenger watches over you IBM Power System and its IBM i, i5/OS, or AS/400 operating system.On Watch 24x7.

Put your time to better use by letting your IBM Power System watch over itself. MessengerPlus performs pre-defined actions to automate response to recurring events and can be configured to send replies, run commands, copy events to other systems, and more. Let IBM i handle the dirty work while you focus on other tasks.

Bytware Messenger provides extensive support for wireless devices and protocols including TAP, SMS, GSM, and more.Extensive Device Support.

MessengerPlus is an easy and flexible solution designed to ensure that you get the message no matter where you are. With support for a wide range of devices and TAP, SMS, and GSM protocols, you can effortlessly communicate with full escalation and scheduling wherever you are to manage IBM i, i5/OS, or OS/400.

StandGuard Anti-Virus Technical Packet

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StandGuard Anti-Virus Technical Packet


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